I suspect today’s blog is going to be a little shorter then usual due to having only one useable hand.  A couple weeks ago (apparently with lots of other Calgarians) I managed to slip and fall on ice fracturing my right wrist.  It’s been almost two weeks now since I’ve had surgery and as I am right handed both my husband and I have had a lot of adjusting to do.   By the end of this I may be ambidextrous (yes I had to look up how to spell that)!

Accent Walls

I’ve noticed on quite a few of my consultations lately that client’s have been asking for accent walls.  I think that may be because we are using more neutral colours on the main walls so we are looking for ways to add that pop of colour.  Accent walls can be a good way to add colour but may not always be appropriate.  Today I want to discuss when I think an accent wall is a good idea.

In the Bedroom

One wall that I think almost always makes a good accent wall is the wall behind the bed. This wall generally is a good choice as it’s an unobstructed wall, meaning there are no openings or doorways.  It also draws attention to the focal point of the room which is usually the bed.  Using the colour on the accent wall is a good way to inspire (not match) other colour choices in your bedroom.

Photo by Gacek Design Group, Inc.Browse transitional bedroom photos

Paint is a good way to define an accent wall but using a different texture such as wallpaper, molding or tiles are other good options.

Architectural Design Feature

If you have some type of architectural design feature this may also be a good time to incorporate an accent wall.  Examples of this include a fireplace, built in bookcases or a beautiful picture window.  In some cases an accent wall is a good way to create design if your home is lacking any architectural features.


Photo by MERITXELL RIBÉ – THE ROOM STUDIOSearch Mediterranean dining room pictures

If your space isn’t suitable for an accent wall but you still want to add some colour there are so many other options.  One of my favorite ways is through accessories.  Whether it’s with window coverings, artwork or area rugs this option allows lots of flexibility.  Check out an earlier blog I wrote to give you some other ideas https://freshlookcolour.ca/how-to-add-colour-into-your-home/

Not sure if this blog is any shorter then usual as apparently I have lots to say about accent walls.   I still have quite a bit more I could add but I’ll leave that for another day (hopefully when I have two functioning wrists).

Have a great day!