I know that choosing paint colours for our home can be a very overwhelming process.  Our home is very personal and we want to get it right the first time.  Here are three tips that can help you decide on what colours will work in your home.

Tip #1

   The current trend may not work with your existing surfaces such as cabinets, flooring, window treatments etc.  Remember trends come and go, ensure that whatever colour you decide to use that it works with your existing surfaces.  It’s often possible to take a colour that is on trend and tweak it a bit to make it work in your home. While gray is very popular right now you may find that by going with a greige (gray+beige) it works better with your existing surfaces.  Here are a couple of my favourite greige paint colours – Benjamin Moore Pashmina AF-100.

Moody Blues
And Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams SW7068
The Vidabelo

Tip #2

Don’t fall in love with a paint colour from a magazine or a picture you found on social media and expect it to look the same in your home.   I’m right there with you as I love looking at pictures of interior design but the colours in those pictures may not work in your home.  Interior design pictures can be a great source of inspiration but there are many things to consider when picking a paint colour(s).  Some factors which may affect your results when choosing paint colours are lighting (both natural and interior), existing surfaces and undertones.

Kips Bay Showhouse

Tip #3

  The most common way I see homeowners trying to choose paint colours is by using those tiny paint chips at the paint stores.  There are a couple of problems with trying to pick a colour that way:

1.)  You are looking at the colour in the context of all the other colours that are on display and

2.)  The paint chips are much to small a sample to get an actual read on the undertone or intensity of that colour, especially for neutrals.

Even taking that small chip home and holding it up on the walls is not going to provide you with the assurance that you are making the right decision.  The probability is it will make the decision even more difficult.   Once you think you’ve decided on a colour paint a poster board and hold it up in various part of the room.   If you don’t plan on changing your trim colour hold the new colour up to that as well.  Here’s a little secret – even as a professional Colour Consultant I could not pick a neutral colour based on a small colour chip.  That’s why when I do a consultation I come armed with large colour samples.

Large Colour Samples – Fresh Look Colour Consulting

I hope these three tips help you narrow down the colour search.  Happy Painting!

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