If you are looking to inject some personality into your home a gallery wall is an ideal design feature.   A gallery wall is flexible as it can be used with both traditional or modern décor.  It can also fill those large, hard to decorate walls and showcase your valued memories.   This is a beautiful example of a gallery wall as it goes from the ceiling right down to the floor.

Traditional Residence

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Injecting both pictures and other artifacts can make a more interesting gallery wall.  Personalize it with photos or wall décor that you love. Consider adding a couple of unexpected items.

blue wall with photos

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A gallery wall can be created in any room of your home including bedrooms, kitchens and offices.

Los Angeles Office


I’ve recently started creating a gallery wall in our living room.  I love this design story as it allows me to display some of my favourite photos from our travels.  It’s a work in progress as I want to add some photos after our trip to Europe this spring.

Gallery Wall – still in progress

There are no rules when creating your gallery wall.  It’s strictly a matter of personal preference.  If you are more casual in your decorating style don’t worry about your frames being all the same colour or thickness.  Filling a smaller space is a great way to start if you are concerned about a larger commitment.

Cumberland Residence

If you prefer a more polished look use frames that are the same colour but are different in size and thickness.  This is an elegant look pictured below even though not every piece is framed.

Chestnut Hill Residence & Studio Office

I’ve also seen gallery walls become a popular way to camouflage the television or even a computer monitor.  In this case the wall colour also helps conceal the monitor.

Modern Boho in Denver

If you decide to install a gallery wall in your home have fun with it!  Happy decorating!