As a colour enthusiast, when I’m walking around our neighbourhood, I love checking out what colour people are painting their front doors. I think choosing a colour other then the builder basic can make your home stand out from the others in your neighborhood.   If you are feeling brave try painting your front door a bold or vibrant colour.  Painting the front door can give the outside of your home an instant face lift.

Photo by Gatling DesignLook for traditional entryway pictures

While black doors can look dramatic on the front of your home today I’m talking about front doors painted a cheerful colour.  I think painting a front door can give a glimpse into the homeowner’s personality.

If you are painting your front door for the first time and you are a little colour timid a pastel or muted colour can still make a big difference to the look of your home.


Your door colour should generally be unique to any other colours you have used on the outside of your home.  When doing a consultation I like the colour that I use on the front door to relate to but not match to a colour I have used on the inside of the house.

Once you’ve painted your front door a couple of other simple things you can do to give your home a refresh are to change out the numbers,  update the lighting fixtures or even a new doorbell.

I painted our door a brighter colour as well to make it stand out behind our screen door.  I love the new look it gives to the front of our home.

Curb Appeal

Photo by Fresh Look Colour Consulting – Curb Appeal

On a side note we also decided to give the front of our home even more curb appeal by redoing our front porch which was originally built with pressure treated deck boards.  Here are a couple of before pics of the porch.

Photo by Fresh Look Colour Consulting – Before


Photo by Fresh Look Colour Consulting – Before

I was helpful with the destruction of the old porch but unfortunately my talented husband was pretty much on his own with the construction of the new porch.  Truth be told he probably could have destructed the old porch quicker without my help but I wanted to be involved.

Photo by Fresh Look Colour Consulting – Helpful wife?

We ended up using a composite wood and aluminum railing on our new porch and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Photo by Fresh Look Colour Consulting – After


Photo by Fresh Look Colour Consulting – After

Photo by Fresh Look Colour Consulting – Talented Husband and Bella

Sorry for the diversion!  Now back to front doors, keep in mind if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, check the association’s rules and regulations regarding exterior color before you paint your front door.

And as always if you need help choosing a colour for your front door or any other room in the house please give me a call or email me for your own personal colour consultation.