I’ve done a number of Colour Inspiration blogs in the past but today I have a confession to make!  Although I love many colours I have to admit that SAGE GREEN is my all time favourite colour.  Since everyone can see colour differently when I refer to sage green, I’m referring to an earthy, muted, yellow toned green.  Sage green is now being dubbed the new neutral for 2018.  As I frequently tell my client’s because trends come and go and come again I think it’s so important to incorporate what you love into your home, and not necessarily what’s popular at the moment.

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One of the reasons sage green is a favourite for me is the connection to spring.  There is nothing better then colour appearing once again after our long winters.  I love to work with this colour as it pairs beautifully with other colours that are high on my list of favourites – navy blue and brown (yes I said it – brown).  Not the brown from the 80’s but brown that has a high saturation of gray in it.

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One area of the home where sage green is popular is the kitchen.  Whether it’s on all the cabinets or just the island, it can add a calm, cozy feel to a kitchen.


Marble + Butcher Block Island...would this be too many different surfaces if I did soapstone on the perimeter cabinets?


Lighter floors are becoming more popular again and pair beautifully with sage green on the walls.

living room with olive gray walls, olive green, sage green, gray-green, green-gray, army green, grunge green, sherwin williams acier, white trim, natural wood floors



This next picture captures three popular trends – wallpaper, botanical prints and sage green.

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Because sage green can often read as a neutral it can be a great choice for an exterior colour.  I have used sage green as the main colour on the exterior of our home. We are still waiting for the stucco to be applied so I will provide pics at a later date. In the meantime here are some other sage green exteriors that work beautifully.