Whether you refer to it as an entryway, foyer or front entrance it’s an area of our home that is often overlooked when it comes to decorating and making a design statement.  Large or small the entryway is a great space to create a welcoming vignette for visitors or simply for you to enjoy.  There are many ways to make this area of your home both welcoming and functional.

Small but Functional

If this area of your home is not overly spacious there are still many ways to make it practical.  For some of us this area of the home may be used on a daily basis, by the family, so it performs many functions.

Using a wall mounted piece of furniture with lots of nooks for storage allows you to keep the entryway looking organized.  Mounting it to the wall also allows for shoe storage or even a small bench underneath.

Photo by Jennifer Weiss Architecture 

I love this idea of adding hooks to the entrance for jackets, hats or purses.  No matter how small this area try adding a rug to bring in colour, pattern or texture.  Other decorating features that can be incorporated are pillows on a bench, artwork or framed photographs.   I always like to have a mirror in the front entrance.  It’s a handy way to give yourself a quick check before heading out the door or allow your visitors to do the same!

Photo by Whitney Lyons

Using baskets in a small area has always been one way I like to keep things both functional and organized.  Wire baskets are great for keeping track of all those gloves, hats and mitts that we need (thankfully not any time soon).

Large and Overwhelming

While some of us may find small spaces challenging an overly large entrance can also provide it’s own set of challenges.  Often these areas can feel cold and unwelcoming.

Using large scale furniture and accessories, such as a lamps or mirrors, that are proportionate to the size of the foyer will make it feel more warm and welcoming.

Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Ensure your lighting is also appropriate for the size of the foyer.   If you have high ceilings try hanging a large chandelier or multiple chandeliers at different lengths.   It can make the room seem less overwhelming and it’s a great way to inject your personality.

Photo by Karen Bowen Interiors

Photo by Drew McGukin Interiors @drewmcgukin

If you’ve been reading my blogs you know I LOVE a painted door.  Using a colour on the interior of your front door is a quick way to inject a design statement.  As I’ve mentioned before just ensure the colour you use relates to other accents or pieces in your home.  In the picture below they’ve made the most of a small foyer by adding both a piece of furniture for storage and hooks on the wall.

Photo by KMSalter Design

I hope I’ve provided you with a little inspiration for decorating your entryway.

Happy Decorating!