You realize when you go to the paint store just how many shades of white paint exist.  Picking the right one can prove as challenging as any other colour.  When choosing that perfect white ensure your undertones are consistent with other surfaces in the room.  Also consider the natural or artificial light that the room receives.  If it’s a room that is poorly lite your crisp white could end up looking murky.

Creating white spaces has been popular for awhile now and I suspect with the trend moving towards simplifying our lives it will continue to be a popular colour.  The Scandinavian design is also a big influence in the use of this colour.

Photo by Nest Interior Design

Photo by Astoria Designs

White walls form a perfect backdrop for our beautiful wood floors and allow artwork to make a statement in the room.

Photo by benjamin john stevens, architect

Photo by Josh Partee | Architectural Photographer

Adding white walls to your home doesn’t have to feel cold. The key to making these rooms feel warm is by incorporating textures. This can include faux furs, rugs or window treatments. Adding contrast such as black or other dark colours will also create interest.

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White walls can be a beautiful backdrop to other pieces of colour you may want in your room. They also allow for the versatility of changing up your accessories without a big time or financial commitment.

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I recently helped my daughter in law who wanted white walls in both her kids’ rooms. We choose what is now probably one of my favourite ones by Sherwin Williams SW7005 Pure White. Even in their north facing rooms it feels warm.

Would you or have you painted the walls in your home white?

Happy Decorating!