What is a Colour Consultant?

 When I am asked what I do for a living and I reply that I’m a Colour Consultant I often get a blank look.  At that point I quickly follow up with an explanation of what it is that I do.  So today I wanted to talk a little bit about what is a Colour Consultant and what the […]

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Our Colourful Visit to the Maritimes

Since it’s a snowy and cold day here in Calgary I decided it was a good day to blog about our recent, colourful holiday in the Maritimes.  It’s a trip both my husband and I had wanted to do for awhile.  I had been there as a child (and my husband was there about 40 […]

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Colour Inspiration: Sherwin Williams 2018 Colour of the Year

I always enjoy this time of year when the paint companies come out with their colour of the year.  Earlier this month Sherwin Williams announced their 2018 Colour of the Year – Oceanside SW 6496.  Oceanside is a saturated, opulent, jewel toned colour.  I would classify Oceanside as a blue but it’s rich in green undertones, so depending […]

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Colour Inspiration – What is Millennial Pink?

One of the hottest colour trends right now is a shade of pink often referred to as Millennial Pink.  But what is Millennial Pink?  This colour is not just any pink – it is a lighter, muted pink that leans more towards a peach or blush.  While it’s a more subtle version of pink it is […]

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Botanical Prints are Blooming Again

Botanicals prints are everywhere right now in both fashion and home décor.  If you like this look don’t go with the small and spindly design but with the bigger and bolder prints for a more current feel.  Palms, ferns, vines or any large leafed plant can be incorporated into your home to achieve this design.  There are […]

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Colour Inspiration – Simply White

You realize when you go to the paint store just how many shades of white paint exist.  Picking the right one can prove as challenging as any other colour.  When choosing that perfect white ensure your undertones are consistent with other surfaces in the room.  Also consider the natural or artificial light that the room receives.  If it’s […]

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How to make the most of your Entryway

Whether you refer to it as an entryway, foyer or front entrance it’s an area of our home that is often overlooked when it comes to decorating and making a design statement.  Large or small the entryway is a great space to create a welcoming vignette for visitors or simply for you to enjoy.  There […]

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Colour Inspiration – Spotlight on Yellow

Whether you call it mustard, lemon or saffron, yellow is a great colour to introduce into the interior or exterior of your home.  Yellow is such  a cheerful colour to decorate with and is guaranteed to bring warmth to any room in your home.  There are so many versions of this complex colour that I think […]

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Colour Inspiration – It’s not easy being Green!

I’m not sure why but people seem to either love or passionately dislike the colour green.   Green is one of my favorite colours but honestly there aren’t many colours that I don’t love as long as they are used in the right application.  Today I am going to try and convince those who don’t […]

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When is an Accent Wall a Good Idea

I suspect today’s blog is going to be a little shorter then usual due to having only one useable hand.  A couple weeks ago (apparently with lots of other Calgarians) I managed to slip and fall on ice fracturing my right wrist.  It’s been almost two weeks now since I’ve had surgery and as […]

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